Thursday, May 5, 2016


Sometimes I look at mommy and daddy with wonder. They look funny having only about 5% of their skin covered in fur and hide the rest with changeable artificial skins. It is amazing how they make use of their forelimbs with extra long toes. They don't have pads underneath their paws so they wear something to protect their hindlimb paws when they walk.
Oh, and how they're designed to have an upright posture is truly perplexing.
There is a protruding thing right below the lips that fascinates me a whole lot. I have been wondering what kind of evolutonary advancement or function could this bump represent. Maybe for tickles?

Sometimes I look at mommy and daddy and then all of a sudden I'm licking one of their unpadded hindlimb paws. Sometimes because that's the only way I know how to inform them that I'm thirsty. Sometimes because I know there's still food left somewhere in the out room and they forgot to give it to me so I'm reminding them. Sometimes because I'm nosy and I want to gather scents that give me information where they went or what they did during the day. Sometimes I'm just bored. Sometimes because that's the only way I know how to make them feel that I love them. More than anything else, I wish they do feel that. Like all the time. Even when I'm just thirsty or hungry or bored or nosy.

Sometimes I look at mommy and daddy with so much love in my chest that I wish I knew how to maneuver the air with my tongue so I could form words like them.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I love food. As a creature who breathes and walks the earth, I need food. Mommy is so smart that I didn't have to tell him that. He prepares the food for us twice a day. One after he wakes up and another one after staring at the picture box in the evening. Beyond smells, the sound of the clanking food dish is a food trigger. The sound of the beeping heat box is a food trigger. The sound of plastic is a food trigger. The sound of incoming footsteps is a food trigger. The sight of an unusal box is a food trigger. I mean, my god, anything could be a food trigger! Food is happiness! I dream of food everyday! When I'm having it, I'm living my dream!

Mommy and daddy don't share their food. Well, sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't. There's really no easy way of learning when. Sometimes I think maybe because I don't share my food with them too. When I start to think about it, there's no more food to share. So much for living in the moment.

Their food sometimes come wrapped in shiny paper. When they open it, the food's wrapped in another type of paper. It's really compelling how or why humans come up with these sorts of ideas. Most of them preposterous but interesting and pretty nonetheless. And that's often good enough, right?

I'm hearing some clanking coming from the out room. And I just heard the heat box open. FOOD TRIGGER! GTG!

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Sandwiched between mommy & daddy on the sit box in the out room. One of them looking at the big picture box across the room and the other looking at a smaller picture box in one hand. I guess humans enjoy doing nothing but stare at pictures. They do that for hours without talking. Sometimes I feel their feelings fluctuate & it's really fascinating to witness that. The only interesting thing about the picture box is how it makes amusing sounds. But what is sound that doesn't follow a scent? I know! Nothing!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Half of our out room is dedicated to deliciousness. All kinds of food and treats are kept hidden in a big shiny box and a small shiny box. The big shiny box is cold inside. I am only allowed to smell the insides when they open it. I am surely going to get a scolding when I try to grab something. Same rule applies to the small shiny box. But this one is not cold inside but warm. And the mixture of fabulous scents, more inviting, in my very honest opinion.

There is a higher ground where they put the food from the big shiny box. Oftentimes I feel that area getting warmer and the smells would change. I don't know why they do this. It prolongs the agony? Human ceremony perhaps?

Sometimes while daddy's playing with his food, it gets destroyed into smaller pieces and I always pray for at least one piece to land in my mouth. I like watching daddy play with his food. It's one of my favorite things to do and I'm telling you the truth! Not a lot because of the food opportunity but mostly because I'm loving it when he's happy! Makes me shiny and happy too! I'm still waiting to get invited to play with him and his food and make fantastic smells together. Ohmyjesus, that'd be the day! My stomach is grumbling whenever I dream about that!

Before I was the only one in our house that walked on four legs. And then one night, mommy & daddy brought home another one that did. They called her Strobelights. She smelled fantastic! I was all over the house trying to look at her from different angles. She was very tiny then & not like the photo above. Mommy was holding her in one hand. I felt that she was crying for someone. I felt that she was nervous. I felt that she was lost. And I wanted to tell her all about our house and I wanted her to smell my butt and I wanted to wrestle with her and I wanted to ask her about all the gossipy odours coming from all over her fur. I wanted to tell her that no one would hurt her and we just wanted to play with her. I felt the good feelings coming from mommy & daddy & me bouncing all over the house that night. I think I was overdoing the good feelings because mommy & daddy would quiet me down often.

I ask you, how could you not overdo such an overwhelming feeling of good feelings from meeting a new friend?

Friday, March 25, 2016


Life is too awesome when there's nothing to worry about and you're resting on a fake banana! I don't know what's the deal with daddy and his fake bananas? But who's got time to worry about that, right? It's so comfyzzzzz...

Monday, March 21, 2016


There are many walls in our house. Walls divide the rooms in our house. There are movable walls that will get us from one room to the next. These movable walls have tiny openings below where we can smell the other room to gather information. The room where you can find the sleep box is the inside room. I know this because when mommy shouts INSIDE! this is where we're supposed to go. The out room is the biggest room in our house where you can find a sit box, a picture box, a heat box and a shiny box where they keep all the food. We also have a water room where they shed their second skin, wet themselves and come out smelling strange. There are bad days when they carry me inside with them. Oh, the thought is giving me the quivers! The other water room is where they take their second skin to soak in water with questionable stench! Please don't ask me why because I certainly don't have answers. There's a room where I eat and pee and poop. We have a room full of skins and whatnots. Mommy and daddy like adding skins that without their scents I probably wouldn't recognize them. They are like armors against possible predators and materials used for camouflage. They add different shapes and textures onto their bodies when they're about to face the dangers of the going out.

There's an extra special movable wall in our house. Behind it is the going out. There are so many interestingly magical sounds and odors coming from the tiny opening below this special movable wall. There are wonderful days when mommy and daddy let me experience going out. My tail is making mini tornadoes just by thinking about it!